What is a community food system?

A Community Food System - such as Brass City Sustainable - is the virtual linkage of farmer to consumer through various distribution methods.  Community Food Systems strive to enact sustainable practices that protect farmland and our environment, support agricultural producers, ensure food access and fresh food affordability for all, and seek to increase food security especially in food deserts.  Distribution of food from farm to consumer is achieved through our urban agricultural initiatives and our farmers' market network. 

Programs that support our Community Food System include our Crownbrook Greenhouse & Community Garden located at 73 Hill Street, our South End Greenhouse & Community Garden located at 324 Mill Street, Fulton Farm located in Fulton Park, and and North Farm located at 1063 North Main Street.  We have three acres of land in agricultural production utilizing greenhouse growing, indoor hydroponic (soil-less) crops consisting of lettuce, tomatoes and cucumbers, aquaculture (brown and rainbow trout), and field crop production in raised beds. 


All of the crops and fish raised in our greenhouses and Fulton Farm is donated to Waterbury's two soup kitchens.  Brass City Harvest is Waterbury's largest agricultural producer whose crops are grown solely for those less fortunate.

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